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Lactation consultation

Our nurse practitioners play a key role in promoting newborns' health and instructing new mothers on breastfeeding basics. All of Novant Health Eastover Pediatrics’ nurse practitioners are also certified lactations consultants.

Your baby's first visit to our office will be within the first week of age. During this initial visit, your newborn will typically see one of our nurse practitioners for a weight check, complete physical exam, and to answer your questions about nursing. Our nurse practitioners’ expertise encompasses a wide range of newborn and feeding topics, such as: what to expect during the early days of breastfeeding and establishing your milk supply; how to prevent/overcome common problems such as engorgement and sore nipples; collecting, handling and storing of breast milk; newborn behaviors; evaluating jaundice; and routine care and follow-up of newborns.

For nursing issues as your baby grows, our nurse practitioners are available for consult. If a situation requires further evaluation we access Nursing Mothers Place at Novant Health Presbyterian Medical Center and other community lactation centers.